My father and I employed the services of Captain Howard to fly us around Europe for a week. We needed somebody with flexibility, knowledge and skills to help us with our travels. As it turned out, Captain Howard was the perfect person for this job. A consummate professional, he was always one step ahead of us. His flying skills and concern for safety was apparent in everything he did. But more so, he is a very skilled communicator and is a delightful person in general. We truly enjoyed getting to know him over our travels and now count him as a personal friend. I look forward to the opportunity to use him again in the future.
Greg Mink Modular Devices Inc
Paul Howard is a consummate professional who provided a warm, caring and understanding service for us. His knowledge of flight and service to both aircraft and clients is excellent and we have great pleasure in providing this testimonial for him. We wish him and his business all the best and would not hesitate to use him again.
David Goodman Director Commercial Aviation Charters Limited
Paul and I have worked together for over 17 years. Paul has excellent technical knowledge and always strives to please. He is a first class communicator and manager, a major asset when dealing with clients. Paul's flying skills are 'top notch '. During my tenure as Accountable Manager (Manhattan Jet Charter, 1993-2011) he became a Line Trainer and Check Captain to our company pilots and also my deputy. I continue to use and recommend Personal Jet Ltd to this day
Trevor Jones Principal Avidus Ltd